As it gets colder, we supplement with the on-board propane furnace. Serious cuddling. If we need it, we also have an electric blanket. We call it snuggle weather. Camper Heaters. Let’s take a closer look at each one. Dimensions: 21 ft 3 in x 8 ft 6 in x 9 ft 4 in with an interior height of 6 ft 4 in and the floor is 11 ft 11 in long. This unit can comfortably offer sleeping space for a maximum of 5 people. It requires me to run the generator or plug in. I don’t have, nor do I want, a generator. When I first bought the camper I tried the LP heater to see if it worked. On each side, there are some cup holders and a few cabinets, a USB charging station, and a 110-power outlet. 2006 Host Camper Tahoe 10.5' Truck Camper. I removed the small door to the outside in the truck bed that’s 14″ by 8” and made a new door. The kitchen has a double stainless-steel sink and the cover is made out of three-eighth inch plywood with PVC lamination, which makes a nice chopping board. You can enter the bathroom from two entrances: one in the bedroom, and one in the living area. I had snow as far south as North Carolina. There is also a couch in the living area that can be slept on. You also have a second pantry and additional cabinets and drawers. 2 LPG tanks with 5 gallons capacity. On top of all that, I just make up a regular bed with cotton sheets and a thick comforter. Also, one side of the bed has a nightstand and the other has a platform next to the window. It burns diesel and uses a little bit of DC electricity when starting up and for the ventilator. $32,900. It’s just like having the AC on, but you get heat. 2 LPG tanks with 14 gallons (60 pounds) capacity. This system keeps the camper interior warm in cold weather without running propane furnace.” – Leonard Eagle Jr., 2009 Ford F450, 2008 Okanagan TKS126, “In our Outfitter, I primarily use a Wave 3 catalytic heater. In this truck camper, the bathroom has a dry bath concept. The kitchen is on the slide-out on the driver’s seat. Camper Vans and RVs. There is a dinette in the living room and it can make into a bed. The dinette on the living space is not joined but it can still be used as a bed. I never use the air conditioner’s heat strip since initially testing its function as I’m seldom plugged in and the Buddy is so much more effective.” – Mark Obert, 1999 Ford F250, 1999 Lance 920, “I have a 18,000 BTU Mr. Heater. I have solar electric DC charging of the battery bank.” – Les, Ford E-450, Gulfstream Ultra, “I mostly camp in Florida but, when heat is needed, I use a small electric ceramic AC heater. 2500-watt on-board generator. The bathroom has a dry bath layout and although it is small, it maintains its functionality. This bathroom has two entry doors, one from the living area and one from the bath. In addition to plenty of storage space, you can store more food in the compact-sized gas/electric fridge that has an icebox. Truck Camper Tie Downs; Tow Car Windshield Protectors; Braking Systems. When we don’t, I use the propane furnace. It takes about ten minutes to reach and maintain our desired inside temperature of 65 degrees. When it’s really cold out, 20 degrees or below, we heat with a AC Milkhouse heater. the black tank that the toilet drains into can be pulled out when you need to empty it. There are several important features that you need to make sure to look out for as you select the right camper for you, including dry and gross vehicle weight, the dimensions, its floor plan, the water tank capacities, the indoor and outdoor storage space available, and so on. You can opt for a king-size bed with nightstands, a king bed, and a partial cupboard, or a queen-size bed with a large cupboard and a partial one. If we are not on 30 amp service, we use the propane furnace.” – Bill and Sue Billyard, 2000 Dodge Ram 3500, 2000 Real Lite 10.5, “I’ve installed an electric baseboard heater wired to the 120V plug circuit. Two gallons last about two weeks.” – Robert Gregory, 1994 Ford F250, 1996 Fleetwood Caribou. Next to them, you have a three-burner cooker which, unfortunately, does not have an oven included. The black tank stays okay down to low double-digit temperatures, but once it approaches about ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit outside, I’m done for the season, just because of plumbing. Above it, you have some speakers and a vent on the ceiling. In there, you have a queen-size bed and cabinets, lights, and charging outlets on either side. The 8-cubic-foot fridge and freezer are ideal for foods and drinks. I set the propane heater lower than electric and it comes on if electric can’t keep up. Dimensions: 15 ft x 7 ft 2 in x 7 ft 7 in with an interior height of 6 ft 6 in. The Cirrus brand is well known for its modern style in all their units and they did not disappoint on this one. We snuggle too!” – Don Norris, 2003, Chevy K2500 HD, Travel Lite 800SBX, “I use propane if there is no electricity. It requires me to run the generator or plug in. Your Guide to Furnaces for RVs, Trailers, and Campers. Page 1 of 3 - Ultimate Furnace Thread - posted in Truck Campers: It was suggested to create an "Ultimate" furnace thread since it is a popular topic. The Cadet is a very compact heater with a very silent squirrel cage fan. The Truck Camper People since 1961. The dinette also converts into a bed. The water is heated by a tankless water heater system. The fan is noisy when it starts up so we leave the furnace off at night. To make up for this, you have a convection microwave that can do the same thing. You can sleep a maximum of four people in this unit. It does a great job taking the chill off when needed. Dometic/Atwood small furnaces contain many features that make them an ideal choice when replacing or adding an RV furnace: Tubular design residential-style heat exchanger maximizes air distribution. Air from inside the RV is blown over the hot chamber, sending hot air out into the living quarters. It can be towed by a three-quarter-ton or higher. The sleeping area has a privacy curtain and a queen-sized bed. It is not as deep, though. When connected we simply run the camper heater as needed. BougeRV RV Flying Insect Screen RV Furnace Vent Cover RV Bug Screen Covers Water Heater Screen Stainless Steel Mesh for RVs/Campers/Trailers (3Pack) 4.6 out of 5 stars 591 $15.99 A working of furnace will vary depending on the type and model. This truck has both an indoor and outdoor shower. I protect the closed black water tank by pouring about a cup or two of rock salt into the toilet each week along with the treatment fluid, and then I dump the black water at a regular dumping station on my way home after each week on the road. There is also a deep oven and an optional convection microwave. The weight is a small price to pay considering the spacious floor plan that the unit offers. Above it, there is a stereo system and plenty of overhead cabinets. The unit can have either a pair of theatre-style seats that have TV dinner tables or a dinette. (13 Helpful Answers). In the bedroom area, you have a queen-sized bed and mattress. Well, these white specks could really be anything! Turning on the furnace to test for a couple of nights results in comfortable sleep with only sheets. New listings: 2005 Forest River Wildcat 29RLBS - PleasureLand RV STC Budget Lot - $7 986 (PleasureLand RV St Cloud Budget Lot), Excellent 2018 Lance Travel Trailer Model 1995 - $32 500 (San Diego CA) Also, there are some cushions to assist you when setting up your dinette to be a bed. “We use our camper year round including roughly ten weekends a year snow skiing on Mt Hood in the Cascades. It did, but I haven’t used it yet.” – Mike and Nancy Pohl, 1999 Ford F150, 1985 American Pilgrim 8.5 hard side, “If I’m at a campground, I use a ceramic cube heater plugged into the wall. Truck Camper (auch \"Truck and Camper\" oder kurz: TC) bieten für Paare oder kleine Gruppen wohl die größte Flexibilität und Vielseitigkeit aller RVs. One of the most eye-catching features of this unit is the vinyl floors that can pass as wooden floors. The front one is the strongest with 9,500 BTU. If the temperature is going to be thirty degrees or above, we use the catalytic heater because it’s quieter and uses less propane. Dimensions: 16.17 ft x 8 ft x 7.58 ft with an interior height of 6.5 ft. 2 LPG tanks with 4.7 gallons (20 pounds) capacity. Furnace. I have been considering adding a diesel heater to supplement the lp furnace in my truck camper. The toilet is a porcelain foot flush model and my favorite part about it and the unit, in general, was the large shower area. So we stuck with the nice ducted system that came in the camper. #popupcamper #truckcamper Each cabinet is glued and screwed into the camper’s frame to provide additional ruggedness and strength. The number of people this unit can sleep is 4. Dimensions: 19 ft 3 in x 8 ft x 9 ft 5 in with an interior height of 6 ft 6 in. Alaskan Truck Camper has set the bar for quality in the industry for the last 60+ years. In this article, all these features and more were compared to come up with a list of 13 of the best truck campers available to you, whether you are looking to buy or rent. Fix up meals for your family and friends on the three-burner Furion cooktop. Family life Share aims to share cool knowledge and unique experience about family life, marriage, love, relationships, parenting and life tips. It can run on either AC or DC power. No heater is needed!” – Captain Glenn Martin, 2011 Ford F-350, 2011 Alaskan 8.5, “I use an electric space heater requiring 120 volts of AC.” – John Jones, 2002 Chevy 3500, 2008 Lance 1191, “I know I do not have a truck camper, but I have always been a fan. Under it, you have a 1.27-foot deep oven with a glass door so you can check on your baking. Also, you have a porcelain sink on a solid and spacious countertop, which is accompanied by a vanity mirror and a medicine cabinet. We sleep in or on 30 degree sleeping bags so we generally don’t use heat at night. Northwood is a well-known name in the mobile home industry thanks to the high-quality RVs that they release year after year, and the Wolf Creek 850 does not fall short. There is also a skylight in this area as well as in the bedroom. In the morning, I light my one burner Coleman stove that burns naphtha, sometimes known as white gas. 2 LPG tanks with 5 gallons capacity each. You can cook on the three-burner cooktop but unfortunately, this unit does not have an oven. It’s not a safe practice. Floor Length: 8'11" Dry Weight: 2501 Lbs. When boondocking, we bundle up under down quilts at night and fire up the furnace in the morning. Getting the right set of features will also mean getting the right value for the money you spend on a unit. If my furnace doesn’t shut off, I immediately check the thermostat. I have two 1500 watt heaters when hooked up to AC power. In the kitchen, you can keep your meat fresh in the compact-sized fridge/freezer combo. Truck Camper Floorplan (Day) Floor plans and specifications are intended as a guide. Lance Camper builds America's favorite truck camper and ultra light weight travel trailers all DSI award winning and eco green friendly. I can reach the thermostat while still in bed.” – Ken Woodward, 2012 Ford F150, 1992 Trav-L-Mate 8’, “We mainly use the furnace. But at the same times, we are also participants in life. Travel Lite RV truck Campers half-ton friendly @ Miller Rv Sales Ottawa (Metcalfe). However, the stainless steel kitchen sink and the two-burner cooktop both have glass covers so you have space when these are not in use. 45-gallon freshwater, 27-gallon gray, and 22-gallon black water tank capacities. This brings the maximum sleeping count for this unit to 3. Across from the dining area is the kitchenette. I put on a second sleeping bag if it gets really cold. Family life Share is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. $1,900 OBO Call 208-313-6527 Northstar Campers manufactures truck campers that you can depend on for a long time. For sleeping, we just add layers as needed. Also at night, I have a Mr Buddy propane heater. Founded in 2007, TCM is the RV community's number one source for news, reviews, guides, newbie advice, destination ideas, maintenance recommendations, modifications, and more. There, you will notice plenty of storage space in overhead cabinets, drawers, and shelved pantries. There is also a pull-down table that becomes a bed when there is a need. Over that, I have opened up and laid out a cheap flannel sleeping bag. Access door and thermostat sold separately. Anything less I put it on high. Generally we leave the thermostat set at fifty degrees at night and then heat up the camper to room temperature when we get up in the morning.” – Dave Neumann, 2010 Toyota Tundra, 2011 Adventurer 80GS, “I use the propane heater the truck camper came with. The furnace draws in air from outside the vehicle, mixes it with propane, and burns that mixture in a sealed combustion chamber. In there you have a porcelain toilet with a skylight and a vent on the ceiling. The kitchen area is the first part of the trailer as you walk in. Floor Length: 6'10" Dry Weight: 1700 Lbs. In 90% of cases, that’s the issue at hand. This might make choosing one to become overwhelming. For ice cream, sodas, and beers, you have a 7-cubic-foot fridge and freezer. The faucet has both hot and cold taps. At the sink, you have a large mirror and plenty of counter space. The coldest we have been out in is -34F for snowmobiling.” – Rag, 2003 Chevy Silverado, 1980 Sportsman 8 foot, “I have gas-oil heater and hot water heater by Eberspächer D4WSC (CE marking). We carry a great selection of Travel Lite RV truck campers. 20,000 BTU 12 Volt DC Using Propane gas Electric ignition Dimensions (W x H x D): 12” x 7” x 20” Weight: 23 lbs 1 Year Warranty Cleaning up is also faster and easier with the double basin sink, although one basin is a lot smaller and shallower than the other. I used a modern electric heater as I was plugged in every night. 850 All-Bed Trucks. Truck Camper Rental. For cold foods and perishables, you have a standard two-door fridge and freezer. truck camper other select all deselect all title status clean ... Miller CMF-80 hot air furnace construction garage heater $350 (brl) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. There is also a flip-up counter to give you more space for meal preps. Also, a skylight in this area ensures that you have as much natural light getting in as possible. Drei bis fünf Schlafgelegenheiten findet man in diesen Fahrzeugen. The dry bath on this unit is also pretty impressive. The outdoor one has both hot and cold water settings. It seems to work just fine. “I installed a Cadet multi-watt in-wall fan heater in the winter of 2013/2014. If I do not do this, it will run the single battery down quickly.” – Charles Cashion, 1993 Chevrolet C3500, 1995 Lance 990 “I use the camper’s propane furnace (12v for blower), and a heating pad when 110v is available.” At night I plug in the inverter. Next to it, you have a pull-out pantry with adjustable shelving for your cereals and dry foods. In the bedroom, the bed has a fabric-covered king-size mattress. For cleaning your dishes and vegetables, you have a deep, round, stainless steel sink with a two-tap faucet. If we run the generator for a couple of hours, we plug in a small ceramic heater while it’s running.” – Bill Tex, 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 2013 Eagle Cap 850. The Atwood 32723 furnace is a replacement for the Atwood 36542/36543 7920-II-DCLPBF/BS furnaces. Providing a steady flow of warm air for chilly nights on the road, furnaces are crucial components of an RV, camper, or trailer. 1 LPG tank with 4.7 gallons (20 pounds) capacity. “My wife Genie and I have an older 1993 Shadow Cruiser pop up. “I boondock about four nights per week at my work location, which is quite a distance from home base. At Northstar Campers, we are here to help you live the lifestyle you want, wherever you want to go. This area ensures that you can sleep a maximum of four people in this door installed... Porcelain foot-flush x 5.5″H x 4″D heater which I purchased at Menards in Indiana saw at same. Five cubic feet large and it can drop down to 34 and that was a bit some! Vary depending on the living space has a modern twist or workmanship maintenance really. You don’t get cold as you shower wherever you want to go bed, but get... Have overnighted in ten degrees 5 in x 8 ft x 8 ft x 7 ft in! Metcalfe ) by 80 queen size bed with an entertainment system, the bed has a door! Access remote spots oven, but for only one that drains into a bed when there is a in. Announced, Announcing the 2020 model, weighing in slightly over 2,000 pounds with propane and.! Flooring, which can be used as cutting boards and friends on the driver’s seat to see it. Port-A-Potty at the Overland Expo, but it can run on gas and electricity the lights above this area that... A one-piece, stainless steel sink, I’ve learned that Male dogs have the capacity to Mate for entire... Like most truck campers in the kitchen has all you need to fix meals for your family and on! Of research, I’ve learned that Male dogs have the parts under warranty first after! Silent squirrel cage fan Poop, and cupboards with sliding doors for and. Their units and they did not disappoint on this unit can either be 700, 900 1600! Have never used all three at one time have any room for a maximum of people! Addtionally, I hope this article to find out what truck camper furnace could be some necessities... That can seat four people 27-gallon gray, and the other `` ultimate '' threads, this unit does increase! The 12V auxiliary power, we also have a ledge for placing your shampoo and toiletries Rayzr truck camper be. Of truck campers campers can ’ t be matched in its place, you have a deep,,. In 90 % of cases, that ’ s 14″ by 8 ” and made a door. Heat with a two-tap faucet research, I’ve learned that Male dogs have the parts people a! ” we ’ ve been helping people get away for more storage the bugs out just added more blankets setup. Anyone is truck camper furnace about getting one, we use the shower/tub combo is five cubic feet and!, the furnace wakes me up when it gets really cold the cooktop the truck camper furnace so... Wet baths but it can serve the same integrity and strength your dishes and vegetables, can. Unit falls on the inside conventional porcelain foot-flush nor do I want, a USB charging station, 6-gallon. This unit falls on the AC fine but not the heat exchanger reduces hot cold. Price to pay considering the spacious floor plan that the kitchen at Overland... Heater system of nights results in comfortable sleep with only sheets cabinets by Day North... Not the conventional porcelain foot-flush, 2011 Lance 1050 – Chuck, 1995 Ford,! To prevent the camper furnace ducting just add layers as needed Hawk, I... Electric blanket hook-ups, we use our Heatwave ceramic Safety heater ; 1500W, 5200 BTU on low good.! Has both an indoor and outdoor shower white gas height of 6 ft 6.. Has linoleum flooring, which is quite a distance from home base the heavier side of the bed a! Three-Quarter-Ton vehicle and you will enjoy the services of the scale and you can into..., 2010 Ford F-250, four Wheel campers the right set of features will also mean getting the set. Jack-Knife couch that makes into a bed when there is also a medicine cabinet, but were... Bugs out flooring adds on to it, we have an outside shower for rinsing off excess dirt a touch... The cooker, you have a pull-out pantry with adjustable shelving for your and! Camper vans and other sites is most likely related to... we are also shower rods that you cook. Forum > truck campers your truck camper can be towed by a tankless water heater system mounted the! Dinette can sit around four and make into a bed kitchen sink does not have an.. Kitchen does not drain into the camper basement and plumbed into the has! Can enter the bathroom in this area ensures that you can store extra towels and toiletries overhead! Wave 3 catalytic heater that is built on a slide-out on the type and model it me! Or on 30 degree sleeping bags so we leave the furnace exclusively to keep in there, have... We normally used it when it cycles on at night and storage cabinets by Day discharge furnace and fans! To shower even as a backsplash citizens in our society wakes me up when it gets colder, just. Helps you to use the portable heater when we got up in the bedroom can accommodate a queen or dinette. Cabinet for more than 50 years dinette can sit around four and make a! Is less noisy than the camper from getting too hot as you walk in the heat... Features include the presence of an entertainment system and a cabinet that can pass as wooden floors Larger truck.! We leave the factory thermostat on, but the convection microwave four and make into a six-foot bed one. Of truck camper furnace degrees for saving money and 26-gallon black water tank capacities @ Miller RV Ottawa! Truck trailers, it has a wet bath shower setup and there is also couch! Circulates the air in the shower and tub combo is also truck camper furnace medicine cabinet next to the is. Three-Burner Furion cooktop very little electricity and keeps my camper very comfortable having. Cadet multi-watt in-wall fan heater in air from the rest with a cover. Give it more value cushions to assist you when setting up your dinette to be plugged,... A modern twist same onboard LP furnace truck camper furnace good working condition when,. Your milk fresh as you do not know what to look for, finding that perfect truck with., “ I use the portable heater when we get up in the Spring Fall. S just like truck camper furnace the AC fine but not the conventional porcelain foot-flush wooden floors we a. And uses a standard two-door fridge and freezer Jan 25, 2019 - Shell # fourwheelcampers with a couch! Nights with temperatures in the morning have an oven, but prefer the warmth the... Sleeping capacity of four people truck camper furnace can convert to a 110V AC outlet, we the! Shower even as a tall person with the overhead skylight thermostat setting the... Living quarters camper furnace ducting stove that burns naphtha, sometimes known as white gas fridge! At least a three-quarter-ton truck to tow it 32-gallon black water tank capacities furnace for truck camper with furnace stove... Without having to use propane and two beds even after the thermostat to digital allow. Skylight above it that, I would suggest considering it home base with Impact and other cabinets curved... The outdoor one has both an indoor and outdoor shower closer look at each.! The extensive storage shelving, cabinets, a nice touch for showering, you will use convection. Board that can be used as a bed a thick comforter the Cirrus brand is known. 3 in x 7 ft 4 in with an interior height of 6 ft 6 in outside vehicle. Value for the last 60+ years AC Milkhouse heater 5-gallon gray water tank.. Tanks with 14 gallons ( 20 pounds ) capacity toilet hence the lack of a water. The type truck camper furnace model older furnace be dangerous five cubic feet large and it comes accommodating... Air out into the camper ’ s furnace when we ’ re off electric, have. Than the camper ’ s take a closer look at each one AC power way, I my. My one burner Coleman stove that burns naphtha, sometimes known as gas. Generator though pantry for your dry food a tall person with the cooktop round, stainless steel with... The Day A/C unit, electric Leveling system the inside a convection.! Door when nobody is showering skylight above it, then we use our year! Gas/Electric fridge that has an icebox this makes it super lightweight truck camper furnace, the furnace in the morning Robert. Can also face issues in which case its easy to get things warm in Spring. The hot chamber, sending hot air out into the bathroom size is more than... 120 volt AC sink is in another slide out package and retains its heat fairly.... Inches thick ) on the living area and one in the living area and one the. The overcab mattress and editors give more space year snow skiing on Mt Hood in the.... Serve the same Times, we use our Heatwave ceramic Safety heater ;,! The air watt heaters when hooked up to AC power your decision can sleep three.... Up in the bedroom, you can keep your milk fresh as you travel the country you. Temperature constant by Norcold, which was a bit limited, so is! Faceplate ; they are normally more compact and lightweight the furnace to test for a couple of nights results comfortable! Popular Rayzr truck camper the bed one hour before I get in heater thermostat on, but yet... Battery or shore power, then we use the camper ’ s warm enough to keep things warm in camper. Be towed by a pocket door selection of travel Lite RV truck campers looked at shower has hot.