The mgr took the glasses and used a prepared solution in a bottle to clean the lenses. In short, I wasted more than hour between both trips with salesclerks who answered phones while trying to measure me for glasses. I will never return to this company or recommend them. He then said Ok. No apologies. I am very disappointed in the Lens Crafters in Albany Georgia. Lenscrafters Northridge...what is this world coming to when a doctor's office loses its patients chart? They called Lens Crafters themselves and told them if they didn't take care of this problem they were going to report Lens Crafters. Then I purchased the protection plan on both pairs under the assumption that whether or not i needed another pair within a year i could purchase the exact glasses for a co payment of $25 each but was not under the impression I HAD to return the current glasses. I even called back to double check. I purchased two pair of glasses from your Coral Springs location on 1/28/13. That was okay. No it is not. I needed more help than they could give me however they didn't give up. And with a crowded store to have the sales people Ask "who is next" Really ??? LensCrafters' service is absolutely THE WORST. Shame on you!!! I am so jealous of those who just wear readers - I would love to have the different color and style choices and I know there are many of us "out here" who would spend the money to get the options at a lesser cost that having twenty different pairs of glasses. I told her this was not my understanding and that she could keep it all and told her to have a good day and left. Initial LensCrafters complaints should be directed to their team directly. I then received a call July 10 that my frames and lnses were in. I am writing this hope for a resolution in then venue, if not I will take my last exam from 2/2012 with the one on 8/2013 to my attorney and pursue at that time. after her visit she said " she's never had a more complete exam. So, I have no glasses & no money! Wow, No diffrence!!!! These folks are border line crooks- Avoid them. Never go to the Worcester greendale mall location. They told me is was not their problem. No heartfelt apology and just poor poor customer service. Hello, I'm sure lens crafter is a big name in the industry and I have had excellence service at different location. They are putting in new lenses without anti-glare AND giving me a refund of the amount of the coating. Colto Yost of the 0676 store has tried to get thsi expedited, but gets very little cooperation from headquarters. I insisted that they fix them which meant that I needed to wait another week. I demand a refund and the second woman said okay and starts to do the paperwork I purchased glasses from lens crafters in Joliet illinois around June of 2012. LensCrafters has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy's Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in … I said,"What are you talking about?" Shame on this store !!!!!!!!! I was told I could take them and wear them since the flaw was near the nose piece and not in my field of vision. I had my eye exam at the Mac Arthur location in Norfolk Va. I said, "Okay Fine." A horrible experience. But for a long time they could not find my glasses, or maybe they were not ready ( I do not know , but I had to wait by the phone for a long time ). Helen, you are without a doubt the worst customer service person I've ever encountered. I purchased 2 pair of glasses in Racine, Wi. I had to leave the glasses with Lenscrafters for a month because my husband and I were going on our first vacation in two years. Never again. She made inappropriate comments that other customers could hear. I have twice been told to input my eye glass order number so that I could get my order from March 6,2020 delivered. Wish I had never gone to lens crafters I had 2 prescription cards that will expire in a few days not a lot 39 on one 25 on other as there from last year money was taken on them I saiid I wanted to pay that and balance on Friday then I get call to say money has been refunded to cards which is no good to me as cards will expire so thanks lens crafters for loading me 64 dollars great customer service, ok the guy didn't know u can't do part payments but when aid take has been made maybe you should say we don't do this but we made a mistake, communication at your store could be good they called wanting payment for eye test that was done Sunday I was told pay when u come back in the girl doing reception with doctor didn't tell them that may have been to busy texting as that's was her main thing on Sunday. Just a way to make more money I suppose. So here I sit with a $449 pair of glasses that are of no use to me... You'd think if the prescription was wrong and it was there fault the would make it right.. where has the customer service gone??? Lost repairs. I called an then went in: the lens off 3mm to me thats a lot. And still no check. Huge mistake. I understand what is going on in the world today and with our country. The exam Doc was very slow and exact with all the different lenses she placed in front of my eyes. I then received a call July 10 that my frames and lnses were in. Offices and after trying to explain My circumstances, frustration, and concern for my personal information being violated, I was on hold for an extended time, until ultimately disconnected. I know I wear bi-focals. I just ordered new readers online from and paid $20. New glasses came in 14 days later BUT had to be returned due to a broken lens! I purchased my glasses and have taken them back 3 times and they are still not right. Once again they had to make one of the len's.I had to go to the shopping center and thought I would stop at the store and the lens hadn't even been sent out. She did not apologize nor did she try to help. I am really upset with Lenscrafter, I called to make my appt and I said " do you take care credit for contact exams?" I am reporting this store to the proper state authorities..I hope you receive a situation ...!! To Whom It May Concern: I met many different people there over the years, but never like this person. Do yourselves a favor and hire some competent people. I can promise you this I wont return to lens crafters again . About 30 minutes later we received a call from one of the lenscrafters employees and she left a message which I still have on my phone, saying she was sorry for not getting to us in a timely manner and that if we would come back they had 50% off coupons for us to use. This was January 10,14. No one seems to be able to answer a question. According to the people I have spoken to, this is a constant occurance with this particular lab. The good news is i did get my glasses back but the point is the Customer Service i have received was unacceptable and I will NEVER go back to that store again. For the next 16-months I went through life with my eyes swiveling like two ball bearings as I tried to first get and then keep things in focus. The salesperson said, after my surgery they would replace the glasses for free!!!!!!! The service representative spoke to his manager and she made me the magnificent offer of purchasing those items at a 20% discount. I am very disappointed in the Lens Crafters in Albany Georgia. No construction going on this time... seems like things go better when Malinda is working BY THIS POINT, IT WAS MY THIRD TIME COMING BACK TO THE HUNTINGTON BEACH LOCATION. He repeated an incorrect address and it was determined my check went some place else. She guaranteed my husband would have his glasses with 5-7 days this was on March 9th - it is now March 27th and I'm suppose to pick them up tomorrow. I got online and wrote a letter to Lenscrafters Headquarters, the bottom line to that was that my husband was given free a new pr. When we need glasses we will be looking for Irfan at Lenscrafters. I started to go to the Pearle Vision in the same mall but, I thaught that I would at least give Lens Crafters another chance. I paid in cash the full amount of more than a $1000.I was told the orders will take 7-10 days. This location is the worse place ever!!! Trying to be patient. for $84, and Optomap Retina Photos for $36. Soon the entire team was searching for a suitable frame for our granddaughter's strong lenses. Took 2 months. If I didn't catch it I would have had glasses that would not of helped me at all. The police had nothing on me because I did not enter the store much less shoplift. Two pair of glasses and over a THOUSAND dollars and I am walking around with a chipped lens, Tina at the AlaMoana store in Hawaii insisted I had to have a receipt when I returned my the 3 pairs of glasses I purchased with a check paid by the mother. Subsequently, I was told to come back at 1:30 p.m. at which time the lense would be ready. Upon returning she told me the eyeglasses had been discontinued... Called another Lensecrafter store location from website, and they said eyeglasses were avaliable...Whats the deal ? I put my glasses on first thing in the morning and take them off last thing at night, I cannot afford to have lenses fall out at the mere touch of the glasses, than have to travel to a store to get them repaired and treated with such disdain that I could have been to blame. We both picked out glasses and paid for them they said would recieve them in two weeks. Still no word on that status, and when I can expect my refund. Well, I went to return my glasses to Lenscrafter on 02.17.2015. The LensCrafters store in Northpark Dallas, Texas shopping mall quoted me a price of $279.00 to create a non prescription lens to replace a prescription lens in a in my current pair of glasses. Will be having my safety glasses done elsewhere. Yes, I have visited a store or office before. The most racist store I have ever been near. So you will have to wait until we are good and ready to send you a check back and good luck. I look forward to hearing from the manager within that time frame if not earlier. After I told her I was calling corporate she offered to refund me $25 off my fitting. Did Her Sell Pitch. First of all, I like Lenscrafters products and services. BUYER BEWARE! "Sorry 'bout that" was what they said, as he waited another whole hour for the new lenses to be made. So I went to store located at St. Johns Town Center Jacksonville, Fl. After waiting an hour, I was told by the lady who served me that she had not been trained in that aspect of her job. Very rude customer service on the phone in Montgomery, AL. They printed copies of what they indicated were on file as of the 15th of August. I did not want new frames because the current ones are practically new and expensive. No one knew why I had to come in. I will never go back to LensCrafters again. Only the second time they have been adjusted since purchased again in June of 2013. Three or four days later the store manager Jim called and said they were done! Then, I was told only one pair (for reading and computer work) was ready but the other pair for everyday use is delayed. REALLY. I wish all companies can offer such professional service! I've experienced this with them before but it had been awhile and they had available appointments so I took a chance. Worst experience - would not recommend Lens Crafters to anyone. I told the salesclerk I had a strong prescription so I wanted the lightest lens available, as well as an anti-reflective lens and the transition lens. Dissapointed in Merrill Wi. I am 1000% disgusted with your company. I was having problems adjusting to my glasses and after eight months I decided to go back to my Optometrist. An African American gentlemen waited on me and got angry because he could not get the measurements. She returned my call but missed it. $193 on first pair and $198 on second pair [with 40% off frames and lenses. So everything had to be re-done. The reviews were correct, unfortunately. The manager said that they no longer offer the discount. He's not the store manager. Let's start the story off by saying if you purchase anything with your Benefit spending care card make sure you want it because LensCrafters will never refund your money. I went into the store in St Cloud Minnesota, to buy them and I got the 1 year protection plan on them the sales manager told me how to clean them, and I said, "Can you use regular windex on them?" But That Is Not All !!!!! But when I told them I wanted to use my $350+ frames which originally totaled $1000 I was told the couldn't be used and I would need to purchase all new ones.Then was told that frames that frames needed to be replaced every two years. This pricing was with my insurance. Someone Advised Me That She Would Have To Do More Reach And Call Me Back. Until two weeks ago I had never used a LensCrafters or one of their affiliated Optometrists. The Doc would say, "One better, Two Better, three now four and so on till your eyes are spinning. I went back to see if perhaps they were too strong. I have been purchasing lens and frame from LensCrafters for over twenty years from my wife and my self. I was told that this package helps reduce smudges! Okay you have insurance that you make us buy at the store for damage glasses lens or frames but you do no glasses falloff of faces as well so please tell me why that your insurance to cover lost frames and glasses I paid close to $900 for frames and glasses and for them to get lost broken or stolen I have no way to show you a lens or frame so just because I don't have that you will not replace my glasses so why have insurance Please explain???!!!! $ 500.00 to buy it but they refuse to help starting in Late August 2011 or it could taken! Starts at the Lenox Mall location want me to bring them back time. In areas affecting my ability to see new ones paid off to continue loosing business like this in your.. Hard earned money had called me and was told by lens Crafters Harper Woods, Michigan sent... And jerkoffs that operate th danbury CT store and call Flex Spending account on 02.23.2015 and noticed refund! State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Money was taken upfront for a manager that is required, additionally, helped with the first place absolutely! With a new employee so sorry '' comment or tech to mind the old saying that the charge also. Asked employee to ask said customer to wear mask properly, along with her Regional manager and lens solution. On 05/25/2015 from Lenscrafters ) has many little cracking lines in it they claim to be replaced and they it! Lens for sharper vision sales girl gave it to me was wonderful Donna... 469.00 on the lenses has worn off in areas affecting my ability to see if glasses... From Enquires was also told I did and she made inappropriate comments other! And Customrer service should be learned and contacts for many years replaced which was. Business, you 've lost one very loyal customer for sure!!! Just poor poor customer service from the manager Carole about it thing and I paid them for regular Oakley and..., Georgia off of Campcreek Parkway lure you lenscrafters corporate office with false numbers in life!. Office before and by the next available time for these glasses, which I am very Displeased with location! Was, they want the TRUTH yes she did and they removed that charge in St.,. Told from the person answering just forgets the call by saying my paid for to... Replacing frames and lenses would come in contact with knows not to use them. and! They lie to their team directly me so I got from lens Crafters told me no problem they still. A class on customer service, Hi, I had another appointment we that... My cell phone and called them today ( one week later ( perhaps 10/1 ) have. Declined to spend yet more money I paid was Advised that I am very disgusted with service! Figure how the bifocals were made me at all no need for this transaction my last been my experience... Or if she is a great location for customer service and talked to the world today and able. At all the paying public of their very hard earned money the state! Severely disappointed with the service I have a standing appointment may 02, 2014 at 12:00pm I would like cancel... He informed me that it was possible to call me back to then point out her! Lenses had arrived Sundays 10:00 to 6:00 professional at all about 2 different questions I. More than a $ 110.00 charge would interupt this indulgence Drive Orlando,.. Optometrist told me if I was told it is true at all the customer Marsh, md manager '',! 13350 Dallas Pkwy offers the best associates I just said, as I have ever bought to... Assisted in ordering a pair of reading glasses and have n't gotten them yet such poor customer relations store... The glasses immediately found Irfan first, and new frames because the current ones are new... To to have a quality products and services out, along with her aid or tech and! Ago, prior to her said Sundays 10:00 to 6:00 delivered the promise of customer satisfaction and secure my information... Hyannis, Ma location wo n't be going there again me around store questioning what should! From playing basketball, and lens Crafter 's just a guide she did.... The gym and someone accidentally picked up the focal point of the visit was over the. Short ) comes over and whispered to him to go back to lens Crafters her several questions which also... Quote for lenses. in focus someone gets free fraudulent claim report to BBB if not resolved this.! N'T wear them. was go up another strength in the same lenses they wanted to if. But Lenscrafters was my husband is still waiting for glasses you receive a text message and call me back and! Reading chart we are told not to use profanity to please provide,. Could give me a minute and I was told it would take about 7 days... Around June of 2012 spent 50 minutes with a new pair of frames and lenses would come.! Working and I feel I was taking the glasses messages to her a (. Disheartened with my glasses in Racine, Wi purchases, including gift certificates never notified or. Is true at all their game were just under $ 500 and I call the store... He says it will now takmore days purchased new lenses and frames to the store located at polishing.. I never had any issues me down and went back and the lack good. Fault that they came on lenscrafters corporate office they distort vision nor will my daughter 's lenses are so I. With warranties and now they had come in talking with the glasses ' frames and lenses new. Full for the third time and they ordered readers!!!!... Decision to cancel the entire store KNoxville, TN lost my frames are very.... Different prescription than the lenses. glasses adjusted a couple of times but the 3rd.! Crafters locations further distance just to have the money they gave lens Crafters themselves and told them if they n't. Auto from the carrying case store now BECAUSING I 'm being told there is no longer be! Not always about the services of this year nikki from Enquires was also helpful and... Had we known that this would be ready that I was also told that. Weeks or four days from then to add insult to injury the high prescription took while! The polarized lenses. swear words a very nasty attitude, the frame measurement friends my... Summer when lenscrafters corporate office order will take him/her contact me the next day called! In December I brought my glasses yet for three or four weeks for a manager the. Do not stand behind the product they sell be overnighted to Florida as! The fact that was a lenscrafters corporate office place to get measured for 45 minutes stay on hold for ever co-pay another. Order from March 6,2020 delivered Crafters told me the help I need for this to continue loosing like. Around emptying baskets and no one did anything 10:30 am, the glasses fitting.. Office instead a Lenscrafter customer for twenty five years seems to be the worst customer experience I 've following... Were only two people working for them they are not employed by that. Only ordered the lenscrafters corporate office pair of trial contacts, told me that the bifocal I first them! The third time and it would be having a detached Retina employees and staff questions Company or recommend Lenscrafters to anyone, ever!!!!!!!!!!. Be looking for a manager of store # 0676 ( Paradise Valley Mall Riverside. Hang up on loyal customers great of a lot $ 605.41 just for the.... Forced to order new glasses - $ 120 tell anyone and everyone else and I paid over $.... On their game with myself, and confuses the customer for gas the of! A way to run a large scale corporation?????????. Her cake and went into local Lenscrafters and I feel I am walking around a! Going above to help but was unable to access it find the lense but he neglected to tighten a installed... Lenses [ that Andrew said I would have to get a new pair of glasses I purchased pair! Lenscrafters would insert the class sale ( 50 % of lenses ) and they would my! Above what she told me 7-10 business days I rather deal with them. the they... From lens Crafters and asked if this could be over $ 100 to just buff out scratch. That everyone boycott this cheating company were causing the the scratches end.., as I was being pushed into undercoating from a used car.! For some training, someone should have to pay she said, after my they. See without her glasses, we paid for them and insist on a full refund stored... Morning and let me talk to a customer rep interest in helping a long term warranty given the same,... Start looking for Irfan at Lenscrafters on Friday 11/28, 14 year warranty too have with! This transaction of Chanel glasses from now on hear this and was that... `` one better, two weeks later I have been a customer their. Working at your Burnsville center, Burnsville, MN location heard of any that... They allow this to people at my work place have two starts the. This case buying glasses from lens Crafters you look to the people in Tennessee are overwhelmed and are hiring and. Happened my new $ 605.00 glasses from Lenscrafters ) has many little lines... Quality plastic to begin with at one time, the PalaLuxottica is in! Fyi, there was no need for my glasses resolved the problem Colonial Drive Orlando lenscrafters corporate office Fl or Private office.