Some adapters support two plates and have a switch to select between A and A+B which can flip easily during transport. Start the AMTIForcePlate app. Sensing Technology & System Configuration, Instrumented walkers, canes, and crutches, Custom force plates, force sensors, and instrumented equipment. We supply AMTI filler force plates in quarter, half and full length sizes to create the optimum custom set-up. AMTI Force Plates AMTI Force Sensors AMTI Force-Sensing Treadmills AMTI Instrumented Equipment AMTI Joint Motion Simulators Clinical Biomechanics Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering European Journal of Medical Research European Spine Journal Footwear Science Gait & Posture International Journal of General Medicine Accupower Correction factor corresponds to a force plate's amplifier setting and is used along with the calibration matrix to convert raw Volts to Newtons. QTM supports calculation of force data from analog and/or digital data from the force plates of the following manufacturers: AMTI, Bertec and Kistler All of our force plates, force sensors, and instrumented equipment have been engineered and carefully manufactured to provide our customers with precision results. Good force plates (Kistler, AMTI) cost $40k or more, and are set up and calibrated by … Digital acquisition software enables the user to collect data quickly. All good in theory, but the trouble is not all force plates are created equal and few, if any will produce reliable results if set up on even slightly uneven ground, or on carpet or other soft surfaces. This patented AMTI force plate is the first and only multi-axis measuring platform to adhere to the ASTM F3019-16 international “Standard Test Method For Verification Of Multi-Axis Force Measuring Platforms”. OPTIMA: The only force plate to conform to ASTM F3109-16. OPTIMA: The only force plate to conform to ASTM F3109-16 AMTI Optima-HPS and Optima-BMS series platforms are raising the bar for force platform performance. The OR6-GT force plate features a glass top, which allows activities on the top surface of the force plate to be viewed and recorded from the underside. Please contact us for more information. Step 2: We will continue to support those who are supporting others, and there will be no change in our commitment to deliver the best possible services throughout this difficult time. For an AMTI OR6 Series force plate: Forces: from Newtons per microvolt (N/µV) to Newtons (N). Kistler Force Plates. You already know that AMTI makes multi-axis force plates to measure force. AMTI force plates can also be used for sheep, cattle and other animals. These include the following: We understand that no two researchers' needs are exactly the same, and we work closely with our clients to help identify the best possible combination of mounting method, amplifier, and force transducer for their specific research. Multi-Device Integration Compatible “Being able to combine EMG and 3D Force Plate data is one of the most important tools I have as Research and High Performance Coach. Our new Optima Human Performance System is our latest revolutionary development in field of force measurement technology, offering a 10-fold improvement over any force platform system on the market. Measure ground reaction force, center of pressure and moments. Select the desired signals to include in the measurement configuration. Their excellent performance and long-term durability have made them the worldwide standard in gait and biomechanics laboratories. Force Vector Overlay. AMTI have released the new AccuPower-Optimised, their most popular portable force plate for sports with even more accuracy and featuring USB integration. The ACP-O multi-axis force platform is a portable solution for jump, drop landing, squat analysis and more. The multi-axis load cells (multi-axis transducers) are ideal whenever it is important to measure forces and moments in three dimensions.